Casa do Cuidar is maintained by partners Cristiane Ferraz Prade and Ana Claudia de Lima Quintana Arantes. Know a little more about each one of them:


Cristiane Ferraz Prade

Graduated in psychology from Mackenzie University and has a Master in music therapy from New York University. She took a year course in Interventions in Grief and Bereavement, by the Instituto 4Estações. She worked in well known hospitals such as Beth Israel and Mount Sinai, in New York, Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital, Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital and Sírio Libanês Hospital in São Paulo. Cris had a private practice in SP, Brazil until 2015.
Founding partner of Casa do Cuidar, Practice and Teaching in Palliative Care Association. Currently vice-president of the institution residing in England, where she has a pravite practice, coordinates the on line basic multiprofessional course and explores new ways to expand the philosophy of palliative care through the Vital Kompass project.


Ana Claudia de Lima Quintana Arantes

Physician graduated from USP with residency in Geriatrics and Gerontology at Hospital das Clínicas, FMUSP. She took a year course in Interventions in Grief and Bereavement by the Instituto 4 Estações and a specialization in Palliative Care by the Pallium Institute and Oxford University.
She is a founding member of the Casa do Cuidar, Practice and Teaching in Palliative Care Association.
Ana Claudia participated in the TEDx FMUSP with the lecture “Death is a day that is worth living” and launched the second edition of the book with the same title by Editora Sextante – a book that remains among the bestsellers and recommended since the first edition in 2016.
She is currently a professor at The School of Life and Casa do Saber, teaching the classes “How to deal with death” and “How to have better conversations”. Since 2015, Ana Claudia has been developing intensive lectures, courses and workshops on Conversations on Aging, Compassionate Communication, Caring for the Caregiver and on How to Talk about Death.
She has a private practice caring for patients and families in Geriatrics, Palliative Care and bereavement support.

Professionals and teachers who support Casa do Cuidar and its achievements

Adriana Cajado Gasparini – naturopath

Adriana Rizzo – Odontology

Ana Claudia Quintana Arantes – MD

André Gravata – writer and poet

Andrea Chaudar – Physiotherapist

Caroline Bertolino – psychologist and Mindfulness Instructor

Cristiane Prade – psychologist

Daniel Forte – MD

Debora Cardoso – Speech therapist

Fernanda Rizzo Di Leone – psychologist

George Freire – MD

Gustavo Gitti – Meditation Instructor

Henrique Grigio – MD

Henrique Moraes Prata – lawyer

Jeanne Pilli – Meditation Instructor

João Signorelli – actor

Leonardo Consolim – MD

Leticia Andrade – Social Worker

Luciana Dadalto – lawyer

Luis Saporetti – MD

Marcelo Park – MD

Mariana Lorenzi – manager and psychologist

Monica Malheiros – psychologist and clown

Monica Trovo – nurse

Patrícia Almeida – nurse and veterinarian

Rafaela Siufi – MD

Reynaldo Ayer – MD

Ricardo Leme – MD

Rodrigo Yakubian – MD and Kundalini Yoga instructor

Rosa Brito – nurse

Taciana Sales – MD


Project Board

Andre Hovnanian

Christina Goes

Leonardo Consolim

Roberto Miguel

Soraya Azzi